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I forget how much I hate The Lorax. It kills everything poetic and subtle about the original and hammers you over the head with it’s message rather than make you ponder it and think. It caters to the mainstream so hard they put a fedora in it and then have the Lorax come back at the end destroying any weight the film had when he left and leaves out how dark the original was. And they shouldn’t have shown the onceler. He wasn’t shown in order to symbolize that he could be anybody. And by giving him that over the top personality, while spawning fans due to his quirky, pop-culture style, made him unrelateable to the average person and then have his entire character progression play out in a single song. As a child the movie left me wondering about the message and how it left it to the boy to change the world with a tree. to start change in a small way, and left whether or not it worked or if you should do your part, up to your imagination. This one is a poor adapatation and i understand, yes, an adaptation has the right to do it’s own thing and take liberty with the story, but to bastardize it so much to make it so digestible to the masses as well as people like myself and my friends, makes me take a step back and look at what it’s doing. Now i’ll admit, it’s funny and looks really good, but it’s writing makes that kid in me that planted a tree after watching that movie in class, die a little.



How the raid is going to end

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4chumblr (daughter of 4chan & Tumblr) as a teen requested by Anons earlier this evening on /b/

I like to think she got the fashion sense from her grandmother Fakku.

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How Sexism Affects Men

Or: why men and boys have a vital stake in gender equality, too.

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After several weeks, I finally finished my follow-up comic about my opinions on sexism!!

So I hope I cleared up some misunderstandings!! But, as I said, I’m not perfect. I’ve got a lot to learn, too. I made (and keep making) mistakes like any other flawed human being, but it’s thanks to my friends and people who are willing to talk about these issues that help me be more aware of my actions. I’m willing to learn and be positive! And I hope everybody else can be open as well. \o/

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Don’t let Tumblr convince you that if you are:

  • Cis
  • Sraight
  • White
  • Male

You have no right to:

  • Be upset about your personal problems 
  • Be sad when you get hate
  • Ask for help
  • Defend yourself against bullies
  • Call someone on their bullshit
  • State an opinion

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